I saw it from the corner of my eye. It’s the one thing I didn’t want to wake up to see. Maybe, for others, the one thing you never want to see. When I did, in fact, see it, my heart skipped a beat and I found myself frozen in panic.

A creepy crawler.

Let me pause on the story for a second because this is important. The type of bug that I saw has a million legs. I really am not exaggerating. The type that, just thinking about it, gives you shivers down your spine. Because, oh no, what if there are more where this one came from?

After realizing what I was being faced with, I ran to the bathroom and paused at the kitchen sink. I knew there’d be some type of cleaning spray I could use to destroy the bug in here. I also knew that I had to move fast if I wanted to get it before it scurried away. Whipping the wooden doors open to the sink, I grabbed Resolve carpet spray and paper towel - this oughta do the trick. I scurried around the corner and suddenly appeared to be in a show-down with the said creepy crawler.

At first I approached slowly, maybe even tip-toeing briefly, when I suddenly launched forward, right finger on the bottle trigger, spraying Resolve repeatedly at the bug. I watched as the bug fell to the ground - this was my shot. This was my only chance.

I kneeled to the floor in a panic to trap it under the paper towel. What would happen if the bug escaped and wasn’t dead under this paper towel? I lifted my hand, and peaking out from one eye, I saw victory. I ran to the bathroom, tossed it, flushed it, and sighed - the face-off was over.