Hi I'm kara and

I'm a new dorker

No, that's not a typo. I'm a New York Dork, a Dork for New York. I was born and raised on the island itself and I was a child actor. Yes, that means my childhood was as fucked up as you think it was but I made it out alive...that may or may not be why I'm fit for this industry, but I digress.

The original thinking, boldness, and resilience that New York—and having a career at the age of 8—gave me is still within. It's why I'm the creative I am today. And I'm bringing everything I was raised on to my work. Here's what you can expect:


  • I'm a freak of absolute nature

  • I'm not afraid to push the boundaries, so I hope you like 'em weird and loud

  • My perspective can change with every new experience

  • I'm more likely to speak up (for the work and if you enter a train car before those inside can exit)